Thursday, July 28, 2016

Homework for 28 July 2016

Hey everybody,

1) English:

      - Task 3 in the Summary package given by Ms Brown
      - Finish the essay for those who didn't manage to by tomorrow morning
      - Urgent: Those who signed up for the LOS Programme B, the event at Esplanade will be
        on the 30th July (This Saturday) Those who signed up would have received the ticket from Ms

2) Science:

      - Plant Nutrition Worksheet by next week
      - Answer the question posted by Ms Lim on Classroom (Due: Sunday) [Link]

3) I&E:

      - Individual Business Pitch by 4th August (Graded)

4) Maths:

      - Those who didn't manage to attend the AMC will have to go for a make up test on Friday t

Good luck for the upcoming Level Test and sorry for posting so late

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