Monday, May 23, 2016

NTU-SST Flagship

Sorry for posting this just right before the NTU-SST Flagship Programme. This is the information that has been told to us during the NTU-SST Flagship Briefing.

                Report        Dismissal      Attire (Boys)                  Attire (Girls)
Tues           0740            1600           Full Sch Uni            *PE Shirt + Long Pants
Wed           0740            1600           Full Sch Uni/            *PE Shirt + Long Pants
                                                     *PE Shirt + Long Pants
Thurs         0740            1500           Full Sch Uni                   Full Sch Uni

Packed Breakfast for 24th and 25th May. Students will go to the canteen for Lunch.
Things to bring:

  • **   Programme File
  • **   Handbook (Do not print hard copy yourself)
  • **   Project Manual
  • **   Lanyard + Nametag
  •        LD
  • *** LD Charger
  •        Wallet ($10 should be sufficient)
  •        EZ-Link Card
  •        SST Jacket (For air-conditioned rooms)
  •        Reading Materials
  •        Writing Materials
  •        Calculator
  •        Water Bottle

* Pls note that it is because any item from our school uniform cannot be worn with other clothing. Long Pants is also required for proper Lab Attire.

** Will be issued on 24th May. Wifi Password will also be issued.
*** Need not bring on 26th May

Pre-Camp Activities

  1. Start up a Personal Blog with the Title: "<Name> NTU-SST Flagship 2016". Choose your own URL. Finally, link it to your project group's google site.
  2. On your google site, complete as a group your project's objective and brief information about your project


  • School Rules still apply
  • Take Care of your LD (NTU is an open university, as in anyone can enter the university.)

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