Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Homework for the June Holidays

Homework for June Holidays


(1) 3 articles hw 

Refer to Ms Christine Lam's email. 

English Classroom:

  • Using Google Classroom, you will read three articles
  • After reading the articles, you will write ONE individual critical reflection using Bloom's Thinking Process model to structure your response. 
  • You should reference ALL three articles in your ONE individual critical reflection
  • Use Google Docs for this. 
Term 3 remedial students are to complete the quizzes at the end of first two articles. 
[Emailed separately by Ms. Lam]

OPEN (Link to Google Classroom Assignment)

https://goo.gl/IPOjYJ (Link to HW Info)
https://goo.gl/vK5srA (Link to Article 1)
https://goo.gl/GK8FrM (Link to Article 2)
https://goo.gl/H5tcQ5 (Link to Article 3)

(2) Preparation for Student Congress

Work on SC Abstract, PBL Product and Presentation, Finalise Proposal, etc. 



Trigonometry Booklet --:-- Read through the booklet. 

Mr Jo: 

I have lined up activities to occupy your holiday. Do check also the Math Google site and Google classroom for update on work to be done.

  1. Heuristic in Problem Solving
  2. Trigonometry (its already printed for all - just do it in your notebook or softcopy) - self reading as this will be taught in term 3.
  3. Similarity & Congruency (solution) as requested by some students.

Also please take note 

On Google + Mr Peh's wksht to be completed 

Science [Physics / Biology]:

Physics: Complete "General Wave Properties" Notes and Worksheet 1
Ms. Teo is going to collect after June Holidays. 

[Refer to Ms. Lam's email] 

Biology: Take Note of your Bio PT. Work with your group and work on two parts of the project.

Part I: Field Study of a Natural Habitat. 
Project Deliverable: Group iBook using iBooks Author based on your observations. 
More info on the piece of paper given out to the Sec 2s. [Env Science PT]

Part II: Current Environmental Issue Affecting Singapore
Not necessarily related to Part I.
Project Deliverable: Not more than a 4-min video, embedded in the 2nd section of the iBook. 
Rubrics: tinyurl.com/2016sstEnvSciPT 



Chinese / Malay / Tamil / etc. Do your homework / project. 


Go through the SketchUp tutorials that Mr. Soh posted on ADMT Classroom "About page" --> Slides. 

Send the completed SketchUp files (< 100MB) via dropitto.me/swp (Password: admt)


I & E

After making the storyboard and getting it approved by Mr. Lam, start on planning and making your advertisement video. 


Final Advise

Take the time to go through all your LTs and CTs. See precisely what mistakes you have done. Is there a pattern in the errors? Don't let them go so quickly, especially the careless mistakes in Math. Have balance and place in the effort as you deem fit for each of the subjects. If your Math pulled you down, work on it. The same goes for the other topics. Don't ignore anything. 

As Mr. Johari mentioned, many don't have enough time for math. Work on your time management skills. Work smart, not only hard. Practice does not make perfect. Smart time-constrained practice may make perfect. Also, LT2 is set by Mr. Kumar. Be prepared. 

We hope that you spend your time wisely during the June holidays. Get rid of any bad gaming, anime, youtube habits. Learn to control yourself. We wish you all the best for the second half of the year. May Mr. Johari have mercy on your soul. 

Yours sincerely,
The 207 Class EXCO Team

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