Sunday, April 3, 2016

Service Learning Trip - After Action Review

*The email is made available here for easy reference*

Dear all,

Thank you for your cooperation during the service learning trip last Tuesday. As promised, I will add a summary below. However, this should be quite short.

As part of our reflection, please take 10-15 minutes to look back and reflect樂 on the trip and complete this google form. This should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Kindly complete this after action review promptly by 4 April 2016, Monday 2359 hours.

We would also like to collect the photos and videos that you took (those non-related to AA) during the trip. This serves as memories for our class. Kindly deposit the photos and video into this google folder.

Please be reminded that the photos and videos taken are purely for internal circulation only and for the alternative assessment. The photos and videos posted should not be circulated on social media platform. Videos have to be made private or unlisted if any submission requires any uploads to any social media platform.

Thank You very much.☺

1) Complete google form
2) Upload photos and videos on google folder
3) Photos and Videos for internal circulation only.

With Regards,
Tan Zheng Jie 陳怔榤

School of Science and Technology, Singapore
1 Technology Drive, Singapore 138572
T: (65) 6571 7200 EXT 230  F: (65) 6872 0856 

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