Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Das Schulezeug

Consult Ms Brown for Advice for your Driving and/or Sub-Question for your Research outline, or tomorrow's homework is doubled . Do not Question me, peasant.'not to think that perhaps we have done enough, or saved enough, and can afford to ease off, do less, and enjoy more. This is how we developed and continued to build over the last 50 years, and this is how we should carry on.”'
- Lee Kuan Yew

Problem solving using Matrices (If you can do this, all I can say is, WITCHCRAFT)

- Keep an eye out for Electricity Lecture series, even though we did the notes in class.
- Do your calculations for Meth AA (sounds like a boy band), and try to use PHET Sim. Hope it doesn't Megan Circuit.

Read up and study Transport.
Complete the Hardcopy notes of Strategies to stop Transport

Google Classroom Homework. Week 2 and 3.

Funworks; Fun done right.
S2-07works; Homework done late

Use ADMT stuffs in your short film. Dollies, Trucking, Panning, and Audacity.
Start your recruiting for Actors. Malcolm! Malcolm! Concentrate!

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