Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Homework 29.03.16

ADMT: Go finish filming.

ICT: Python programming, command line. Refer to G classroom for more info.

Sci (physics) : Go do refraction lecture series if you haven't and the Light and refraction ws 1

Math : Corrections for level test and the Math AA



  1. Also:

    HCL students, do 笔记 and the dreaded 听写!*

    Work on your Math notes, Mr Johari sent out some resources

    (Optional) Tidy up your Geog notes if you left a mess on your notes by copying in a rush...

    *To be submitted on Thursday.

    1. Also there is a question... I believe it is Example 5 from the Chapter 5 notes, but somebody please clarify for the goodwill of the class... to submit and write down in that math quiz book. Somebody please clarify, once again...


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