Friday, March 25, 2016

Homework - 24th March

Considering the fact that En yi have not posted till today, I shall post the homework for him instead.

  1. A Map Practice
  2. Domain-Related Article Parking : Due 27th 1900(If I am not wrong). It will be used on Monday for a Jigsaw Activity. Recommended to complete it by as early as possible. (Last person has to read all the articles and put up a different article from the other 23.
  1. Math(Physics) Alternative Assessment : The deadline has been extended to Monday 28th March 2016, 5pm.
  2. Level Test 1 Corrections by Monday. If you cannot complete, at least, attempt the questions.
  1.  Finish copying the model compo by Monday
  1. Filing by Monday
  1. Group Work: List the tangible and intangible features of your product and anatomy of your product by 27th March
    1. S207 I&E Notes: You may refer to this set of notes that Edric and I have compiled so far. Updated 22 March 2016.
If there are any errors in my homework listing, pls kindly post it in the comments. Thks!

Done by: Ngo Sin Siong (17)
Dated: 25 March 2016


  1. For Geography, Do complete the worksheet that Ms Loh has given, since it is due the next geography lesson. DO NOT write on the worksheet, for it will be used in noting down the notes when she goes through.

    For Physics, do complete the worksheet and notes on refraction, due next lesson. Work on the circuits too.

    I know that there is a text that Ms Loh wants us to read and she goes through soon but I had forgotten what the text is. If anybody knows, kindly post it in the comments.

    Koh Tong Chun

  2. By the way, the geography worksheet is just question 1a and 1b according to google classroom.


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