Friday, February 12, 2016

Homework for 12/2/16



1) Those who were assigned the questions on page 11 & 12 please post it on Google Plus. Those who were not assigned the question, comment on ALL the other peoples work :( Others can just comment on one or two

1) Finish page 7 if you haven't done it yet

2) Finish Ace-learning Assignments 1 & 2 if you haven't done so

3) Another thing to look out for is the Grouping Requirements he will give us either today or tomorrow.


1) PT - Among your groups, make a copy of English PT document for those who haven't done it yet. Research on the topics and prepare some of the questions or general points you want to cover in the interview

2)  First PT milestone check will be on 8th March so be prepared.


1) Geo Challenge 3.1 for those who haven't done it yet. Please also do your iBook for housing shortage.


1) I&E homework for week 6

For any homework that I may have missed out I am really really sorry. Please feel free to contact me or add it in the comments...

Admin matters:

S-L leaders pls contact the Centre via email or phone. Please notify Ms Brown after you get in contact


Have a good weekend and Level test is coming so be prepared. All the best!


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