Thursday, February 11, 2016

11.6.2016 Homework (Thursday)

Homework for today:


  1. GeoChallenge 3.1 (Due Friday)
  2. Map Reading Flipped Classroom (For those who haven't done yet.)
  1. Chapter 2 Exit Quiz (Google Classroom - Math)
  2. Unit 3 - Page 3, 5, & 7 (If you are not done - please do so)
  3. Page 7: Google+ Posting *. The solution to the question, only 1 answer per group. The comments EVERYONE must do. (Individual)
  4. ACE-Learning Maths 2 Worksheets. 

  1. Narrative Essay due TONIGHT 2359. (Google Classroom - English)
  2. PT - Among your groups, make a copy of English PT document. Choose a topic, and form questions to ask in the interview. All due by 8 March 2016 (1st Milestone Check)
I & E: 
  1. Week 5 Homework (Long Due, the groups who haven't done, please do so soon.)
  2. I & E-Business Feasibility Plan Template
  3. An alternative to Google Forms - FormMule (

I & E Week 6 Homework


  1. Do finish up on your experiments by this week. Data Analysis will start by next week. The GANTT Chart link is here for reference:

If there is any homework I missed out, I apologise and would request you put it in the comments. Thank you. Have a good Thursday... while it lasts.

Maths Google + homework* - 
(A) - Sin Siong, Megan, Edric [Do Q7 (a), comment on Group (G)]

(B) - Celine, Rachel, Caitlin, Brandon [Do Q7 (b), comment on Group (A)]

(C) - Tong Chun, Xin Le, Mie Mie, Jia Cheng [Do Q7 (c), comment on Group (B)]

(D) - Kailun Sajidah Andrea Stanley Mihir [Do Q7 (d), comment on Group (C)]

(E) - Yu Min Nikhita Kady [Do Q7 (e), comment on Group (D)]

(F) - Ethan Zheng Jie Xavier [Do Q7 (f), comment on Group (E)]

(G) - Robin En Yi Cheng Hou [Do Q7 (g), comment on Group (F)]

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