Friday, February 26, 2016

Witch Homework

StoryBoard, Due on Tuesday.
Start filming!

Report(If you have not done so)

Aforementioned Catchy Snappy darn skippy Slogan and your company name

Challenge of a hundred questions
Exam paper
Change of subject in ACE Learning

Essay comments

Appease the witch.

Thursday, February 25, 2016



Ibook chapter 1 - 2
PEEEL slides in Google slides(DO IT NOW)
Google+ practice questions(Do as Practice and HW)
Burn Offerings to the 'Witch',
Get A1 for Level Test or the 'Witch' will burn you at a stake.
* For Stanley- Maintain your position as first in class.
Clarify any doubts, questions or ignorance immediately.

Narrative Essay number 2.(FINISH IT NOW, DUE YESTERDAY)
Essay peer evaluation. (I get dibs on Tong Chun's essay, You hear?)

-Read the slides and come up with a Group Idea, and proposal
-Wksheets given to us earlier today, 
Better do the challenge of a hundred(More or less) Questions in Mathematics@Apex
Burn Offerings to the 'Wizard'.

Everything needed to be done, get working on that report!

Come up with a darn fancy snappy catchy Slogan and your Company name.

Finish that there commercial of yours by Tomorrow.!

Storyboard, due Tomorrow.

for teams 1 and 3, this is your last chance to get to the finals, get workin'!


-Replacing Edric,


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


ON behalf of Our dear Nikki, I will do the HW blog.

Ibook chapter 1 - 2
PEEEL slides in Google slides
Google+ practice questions/

Omelas Mock trial Practice
Narrative Essay number 2.
Essay peer evaluation.

-Read the slides and come up with a Group Idea, and proposal
-Wksheets given to us earlier today
- Better do the challenge of a hundred(More or less) Questions in Mathematics@Apex

Everything needed to be done, get working on that report!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Homework for 23/2/2016

- Narrative Essay on Google Classroom (Due Wed)

- Storyboard (post on your

- Geography slides for Qn1b PEEEL
Index 1-6: Water pollution
Index 7-12: Land pollution
Index 13-18: Low health due to poor living condition
Index 19-25: Vulnerability
- Ch 3 Consequences of Housing Shortage (Check Google Classroom)
- Chapter 1 & 2 iBook (Lastest 9 March)
- Google+ community revision

- Report (Due Thursday)

Sorry if i missed out anything. Take care of yourself as level test is coming. Drink more water!:)

Monday, February 22, 2016

SL Trip Activities

For those who haven't, please complete this form.

Class Photo Ordering


1. Narrative Essay (due Weds)
2. Mock Trial Preparations (tomorrow)

1. Written Report (due Thurs)
2. Logbook (due Thurs)

good luck for level test!! :-)

By: Caitlin Seet (01)

Friday, February 19, 2016

19/02/2016 Homework

English: Finish "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"
               Send a PT group member to sign up for the English course in Waterloo Street

Math: Optional: 100 questions in G+

Geog: iBook


Sorry if we miss anything out. Just post in the comments! :)

Done By: Hew En Yi (13)
                 Tan Yu Min (23)

Thursday, February 18, 2016


These are the homework for today.

-3.1 Questions 3, 4, 5 and 7

- Make survey Questions

And for those very late people,
- Decide on a product

- Read the passage
- Write reflection for Ms Brown (email)

Sorry if I forgot any homework.
Please put a comment if I missed out anything

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Homework for 16/2/16

ADMT: Prepare the props for next lessons filming and can do drafts at your free time.

English: Complete the Atticus closing statement form (Word of advice: try to finish in one shot, as I was doing halfway and I stopped, but when I wanted to do again, the whole thing like is hang and I had to refresh it and start from the beginning). Finish your formative assessment the narrative essay by tomorrow 6.00pm.

Chinese: Go and read on your AA so that you will know what you are supposed to do.

Math: Complete 3.1 all questions except 1, 2 and 6.

Geography: Download the slides for Chapter 3 and do the part where you are supposed to find the positions of the slums in the world map. If you missed out, this are the countries that you need to find.

  1. Uttarakhand
  2. Mumbai, India
  3. Los Angeles, United States of America
  4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  5. Manila, the Philippines
  6. Beijing, China
  7. Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya
  8. Cario, Egypt
I&E: Do the homework on google classroom.

If I have missed out anything, please do help by commenting below

Done by:
Tan Kailun S2-07 (22)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Math AA Group Leaders (Chief Engineer)

Hi all,

Mr Johari has just posted an announcement on the Math G+ Community regarding our AA. Do check it out here.

Chief Engineers:


Group 2 ETHAN



Group 5 RACHEL 

Thank you and g’nite. *mic drop*

Homework for 15/2/16

English: 1)Watch video on google classroom and submit response.
             2)Finish reading "Atticus Closing Statement" and find Pathos, Ethos and Logos

Math: Do assignment 3.1 Tier B question 3&4 and Tier C question 5 (By this friday)

Geog: Do keynotes on housing shortage

If I miss anything, please comment below and forgive me.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Homework for 12/2/16



1) Those who were assigned the questions on page 11 & 12 please post it on Google Plus. Those who were not assigned the question, comment on ALL the other peoples work :( Others can just comment on one or two

1) Finish page 7 if you haven't done it yet

2) Finish Ace-learning Assignments 1 & 2 if you haven't done so

3) Another thing to look out for is the Grouping Requirements he will give us either today or tomorrow.


1) PT - Among your groups, make a copy of English PT document for those who haven't done it yet. Research on the topics and prepare some of the questions or general points you want to cover in the interview

2)  First PT milestone check will be on 8th March so be prepared.


1) Geo Challenge 3.1 for those who haven't done it yet. Please also do your iBook for housing shortage.


1) I&E homework for week 6

For any homework that I may have missed out I am really really sorry. Please feel free to contact me or add it in the comments...

Admin matters:

S-L leaders pls contact the Centre via email or phone. Please notify Ms Brown after you get in contact


Have a good weekend and Level test is coming so be prepared. All the best!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

11.6.2016 Homework (Thursday)

Homework for today:


  1. GeoChallenge 3.1 (Due Friday)
  2. Map Reading Flipped Classroom (For those who haven't done yet.)
  1. Chapter 2 Exit Quiz (Google Classroom - Math)
  2. Unit 3 - Page 3, 5, & 7 (If you are not done - please do so)
  3. Page 7: Google+ Posting *. The solution to the question, only 1 answer per group. The comments EVERYONE must do. (Individual)
  4. ACE-Learning Maths 2 Worksheets. 

  1. Narrative Essay due TONIGHT 2359. (Google Classroom - English)
  2. PT - Among your groups, make a copy of English PT document. Choose a topic, and form questions to ask in the interview. All due by 8 March 2016 (1st Milestone Check)
I & E: 
  1. Week 5 Homework (Long Due, the groups who haven't done, please do so soon.)
  2. I & E-Business Feasibility Plan Template
  3. An alternative to Google Forms - FormMule (

I & E Week 6 Homework


  1. Do finish up on your experiments by this week. Data Analysis will start by next week. The GANTT Chart link is here for reference:

If there is any homework I missed out, I apologise and would request you put it in the comments. Thank you. Have a good Thursday... while it lasts.

Maths Google + homework* - 
(A) - Sin Siong, Megan, Edric [Do Q7 (a), comment on Group (G)]

(B) - Celine, Rachel, Caitlin, Brandon [Do Q7 (b), comment on Group (A)]

(C) - Tong Chun, Xin Le, Mie Mie, Jia Cheng [Do Q7 (c), comment on Group (B)]

(D) - Kailun Sajidah Andrea Stanley Mihir [Do Q7 (d), comment on Group (C)]

(E) - Yu Min Nikhita Kady [Do Q7 (e), comment on Group (D)]

(F) - Ethan Zheng Jie Xavier [Do Q7 (f), comment on Group (E)]

(G) - Robin En Yi Cheng Hou [Do Q7 (g), comment on Group (F)]

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 February 2016 Homework

Narrative Essay by 2359 today, only tomorrow if really no choice

Geog Challenge 3.1 by Friday
Submit Geog iBook if you haven't done so
Map reading flipped classroom if you haven't done so

ACE Learning if you haven't done so
Math Chapter 3 Notes of Page 3 and 5

Ong Jia Cheng (18)

Add on if the homework list is not complete...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hw Ethan missed out

Math: graphing ws (if not done)

HW for 4/2/16

English: Narrative Essay by next Wednesday(10/2/16) 23:59
Maths: ACE Learning quizzes
Geog : iBook and Keynote and Flipped Classroom
I&E : Group business plan by tomorrow
Sorry if I missed out anything :/

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hw for 3/2/2016

Math: 2.2,ws given out today
Eng: Planning
Geog: complete keynote
Chi: comprehension

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hw for 2/2/16

Math: houses do respective questions, 2.3
Eng: Journals, shoes
Sci: ISS journal
Geog: iBook
Admt: Celtx © screenplay, admt journal if not done
Chi: comprehension

Monday, February 1, 2016

HW for 01/02/16


Video Critique Test tomorrow


Topic G: Describe a time when your pride got the best of you.
Topic H: With reference to pg 124, describe a real life "Mrs Dubose" that you know.
Link to Google Classroom here


Math Assignment 2.2: Hand in by 5 Feb


Complete your ISS log entry for the day in case you forget it the next day
(No Lab tomorrow)
For those that have not completed their LogBook
1) ISS Log Book Template
2) GANTT Chart


Completed their group business plan by 3 Feb 23:59
Link to Google Classroom here


Comprehension by 5 Feb

Replacing Ethan,
Ngo Sin Siong (17)

Class Photo Taking

Dear Class,

Please note that the taking of class photo (as a whole, for official use) will be on Wednesday - 3rd February 2016 - at 10.00am, which would be (sort-of) in the middle of S&W class. Do cut your hair if it is too long, before Wednesday.

Thank you.

Hw for 1/2/2016

Math: 2.2, 2.3
Eng: Journals... Probably not out yet
Iss: logbook/journal
Chi: Compre