Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Class Exco Positions 2016

Dear Class,

Greetings! As you all understand, the class leadership position election campaign is on going! This election is to change our class leadership. The theme for the election campaign is " From building an empowered community to expanding learning networks". Students are to revolve around this theme for their campaign elections. Students are also encouraged to create a theme or motto for your own campaign. This is to encourage students to advocate the need for a change in the class.

Here are the following methods that you can deliver your message to the class:

1) Poster Via Email
2) Poster placed in classroom (Must get cooperate communication approval)
3) Campaign video about what you will do for the class
4) Speech in class during CCE lessons.
5) Q&A Session

I would like to see more speeches coming out from the class as it will give the class a better view of what you will want to do. 

When you need to send an email to the class about this, I will need your guys to send me an email to get my approval so as to avoid you getting into trouble. I will upload your videos for you if needed. 

Hopefully I can hear out your plans from your and please voice out your thoughts.

Thank You.

Zheng Jie

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